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How I Bought My Dream Car With The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction can be used to build a life of complete desire. If you are aware of the law, understand the laws workings, and apply your knowledge properly you can manifest the things you truly desire using the law of attraction.

Keywords here are...truly desire

now let's dissect the word desire.

by definition desire means:


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  1. 1.

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or longing for something to happen.

"a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands"

now everyone has openly expressed at some point how they wanted something. They may say things like "I wish I had this... or I wish I had that.." What they fail to realize is that a wish and a desire are two very different things. You can have anything in life you want but you may not get all that you wish. A wish is something that is granted.

a true desire is something that you are passionate about obtaining. A true desire is a burning desire. When the subject arises you feel a rather strong emotion towards it and you feel so moved and compelled to go after it, no matter what it may take. Sacrifice, study, or discipline are things you are willing to experience to obtain your desire. Knowing this enables you to have all that you truly want.

Now a person may not be willing to sacrifice something in order to receive something else.

A person may not be willing to work for something they say they want.

A person may not be willing to study the subject of something, they say they want, to obtain it.

This is not a true desire, that is a wish. They wish it will happen but they do not TRULY DESIRE it. Otherwise if they did, they would be willing to do anything necessary to get it.

"The law of attraction does not attract to you what you want but who you are"

So as I began to come to a deeper understanding of the law of attraction I started to develop a burning desire for the car I truly wanted. I wanted to drive the Genesis Coupe. It was my favorite car and I love sports cars. I was determined to use the law of attraction to get this car.

The law of attraction states 'like attracts like' so I started to align myself with the thoughts of the car I wanted. I knew I had to become the type of person who drives the Genesis Coupe. I knew I had to think thoughts and act in a way that would attract more of this car. As I was applying the principles of the law of attraction, I started seeing the car everywhere!

Here is a list of things I did to manifest my dream car using the workings of the law of attraction.

(This is the Genesis Coupe I manifested in three dimension)

1. Visualization

I visualized myself driving my car. I even went so far as to photoshopping myself standing next it. I carried the picture with me and looked at often.

2. Affirmations

I made a list of affirmations that I repeated to myself to affirm my belief that I owned the car.

Below is the actual list of affirmations I made and the first one is what I used to get my dream car.

3. Focus

I focused on this particular goal until I achieved it. Nothing else. Your obtainment of your desire must be all encompassing. See, hear, and speak nothing else.

4. Visited the car at the dealership

I went to the dealership to see and inquire about the car. it inspired me even more and amplified my passion to obtain it.

5. Take action

Most importantly I took action to get the car. A recipe is no good without ALL of the ingredients. The law of attraction is just like a recipe. Each part of the manifestation process of the law of attraction builds upon the other. Do the things that will propel you to getting closer to having your dream car. If you need to earn more money, brainstorm ways that you can earn more money and the answer will be shown to you.

So try these 5 steps and lets see what we can manifest!

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