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Retro Fit - 10 FACTS ABOUT ME

This was such a beautiful day out. I wanted to really get out there and explore. I decided to put together a cute white skirt with a retro wind breaker. Picking my shirt was hard for me because I did not want to take away from the star of this retro fit, which is the windbreaker. I finally went with a white tube top to keep it subtle yet add a little flare. I then picked my red Nike Huarache sneakers and wrapped this fit together. It was a gorgeous warm day, the simplicity of the weather reminded me of spring. Not too hot and not too cold. It was perfect. A few breezes here and there but the warmth of the golden sun was soothing and relaxing. The water was beautiful and you can see the sereness of it. I then headed downtown for a quick walk and as many thoughts were passing my mind I thought to myself who am I? It got me thinking about some things about myself. It prompted me to share some facts about me. Check out the shots below from the day and ten facts about me!

1. I sometimes turn the heat on in the car in the summer.

Yea. Its true. I'm weird, or whatever. I know. Your jaw might be on the keyboard but hey, what can I say...I like heat. It feels good and the cold makes me just want to roll into a ball and do nothing. It also makes me achy and the heat is soothing and loosens my bones. I don't sweat much and I LOVE hot yoga btw.

2. I once pan handled. LOL

I was headed to class in college one morning. I reached in my bag to find NO WALLET. Which meant, no debit card or metro card for the subway. I was stuck. I did not know what to do. I could not borrow, I was travelling to class alone. Just me and the other commuters. My only option was to ask others in the subway station for money until I had $2.50 for a single ride. WOOPS haha.

3. I sleep with earplugs

I am a VERY light sleeper. I can wake up very easily. It does not take much sound or motion for me to awake so I like to put in earplugs to get the effect of nothingness. I'm not sure if doing this has increased my sensitivity to sound now overtime, but I can barely sleep without them now.

4. I use to have gaps in my teeth

Yup. I wore aligners for 18 months.

5. I can't chew or bite ice cream

My teeth are cold sensitive. Really cold sensitive. I almost cringe when I see people bite into an icecream bar. I get chills up my spine thinking about it.

6. My favorite food is Alfredo Fettuccine

I LOVEEE it. Feed it to me everyday. Oh, and add some shrimp and scallops while you're at it.

7. My favorite color is pink

I love pink. I'm such a girl, I know.

8. I don't have a favorite music artist

Let's face it. Music quality is not anywhere near as good as it was when the originators of different genres were producing music. Music quality in terms of content has been on a steady decline instead of incline since it has really taken form. The technological aspect of music has been on a steady incline in terms of audio quality, production, availability. Other than those elements music is fun to listen to but not much moves me. No disrespect to music artist of today but we have not had a Bob Marley, Mozart, The Temptations or Tupac in a long, long while.

9. I love going to Karaoke, but I don't sing. LOL

Karaoke is fun because it is interesting when someone gets up there and they can really sing! it's also fun because some people get up there and they really can't sing. It's a win, win.

10. I'm highly intuitive

It's kind of weird but I can read people really well. Their energy anyway. I can feel energy moving throughout people. It enables me to get a greater sense of a person other than relying on the five physical senses which leave a lot of information about a person unnoticed.

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