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My Dream Job

I decided to make a post about my dream job because its a form of fashion that is not typical to what most may associate the definition of fashion. Fashion comes in many forms and fashion by definition means


Dictionary result for fashion/ˈfaSHən/noun

1. a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior."his hair is cut in the latest fashion"synonyms:vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, mode, fad, fancy, passing fancy;


2. a manner of doing something."the work is done in a rather casual fashion"synonyms:manner, way, style, method, mode; Moreverb1.make into a particular or the required form."the bottles were fashioned from green glass"synonyms:construct, build, manufacture, make, create, fabricate, contrive;

so with that being said, my dream job is something I would like to do that would impact the fashion in which we build things. I would love to create a line of sustainable homes that can mass produced and built in a matter of hours. A fashionable line of homes that are self-sustaining and runs on replenishable energy. Everything about the home could be re-used or salvaged to create other things or have some sort of use. The water waste, the generation of heated or cool air, and all materials of the home degradable. These homes would be relatively affordable (if at the time we are still running on a capitalist democratic society, of course ;).) resistant against fire, and earthquake damage, or any other natural disaster. I would have a set of home styles to choose from and they light weight to be easily transported, but yet strong enough to withstand elements. (yes there are materials on earth that exist that have both of these properties.) Kind of like the material of my overall dress

pictured below. Its lightweight but its pretty strong and cleans easy! I think as a society and world in general we should start pushing the trend of sustainability and make it the normal way of building homes and the popular way of living. But for now check out these amazing photos of my fashionable outfit I wore downtown the other day!

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