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How I Made $67,000 At 23 Years Old

Being a millenial I know what it is like to be fresh out of college and not having a clue what to do with your life. I know that overwhelming feeling of having an overflowing list of dreams and aspirations and a deficit of tools and knowledge on how to execute them all. I remember graduating and being like ...okay, so what is next? I of course went the route most graduates try to go down and I applied for jobs within my field. I remember being depressed and stricken with grief because it was a paradoxical cycle of needing 5-10 years of experience with a bachelors/masters to match. I thought how does one get experience if everyone requires experience? I could drive myself mad thinking about it all. I was frustrated and tired. Frustrated because I only could afford to elevate my education to an associates degree and I needed government loan assistance to even do that. I of course wanted to continue and move on to my bachelors and masters, but that would require more borrowing. I did not want to pile on absurd amounts of debt just to get a job. That never made sense to me.

I was determined to make life work with the education and skill set I had. I figured I could always go back once I was more financially established. So now I had some college loan debt over my head, living expenses on the line, and not a clue what move to make next. I was grateful for the knowledge I had learned while in college but I thought what good is it, if I can't apply it because I don't have years of experience that would grant me worthy of a decent livable wage. I mean isn't that why I went to school anyway? to learn how to do what I am setting out to do? Why is there such a unexceptional deal breaking demand for 5-10 years of experience from someone who is most likely only 21-25 years old? seems illogical and unrealistic and rendering college pointless if I can't graduate and dive into the workforce fresh out.

I thought I am going to have to try alternatives to make ends meet. Like most college graduates I settled for a job that was not particularly related to what I had borrowed money to learn to do. I applied for a greeter position at a local furniture retailer. The position was to greet customers as they came into a furniture store and keep count of incoming traffic. I went in for the interview and everything was going really smooth. I was excited at the thought I would finally have a job. However, towards the middle of the interview the hiring manager leaned in to me and said "you know, I think you would be great in sales". I was perplexed and said "me??" I thought to myself LOL. I don't think so buddy... but at that very moment I had another thought. Suppose he is right? what do I know? He must see something I don't. It would not hurt to try, would it? He ultimately ended up offering me the sales position but at a different location. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect but I took the offer because he said the earning potential would be greater than the position I applied for.

The sales position was 100% commission based. Most people would have fled for the nearest exit sign at the thought of not having a salaried position with the assurance of a paycheck every week. I'm not sure why, but at the time I did not really think much of this. What scared me more was there was a draw, which HAD to be paid back each week or you COULD grow a deficit with the company. You read that right. I could have potentially been coming in to work and owing my employer instead of earning from them. However I still took a leap of faith and signed on for the position. It turned out the hiring manager was right about having a higher earning potential.

To my surprise I did well....

really well....

but why? why was I doing well? there were people there who worked there for 10 years plus and I had surpassed them in my first year. Was it luck? was it chance? I thought for a while maybe it was, but as the years passed I was achieving greater and greater. My results were not only consistent but I was excelling. I then realized it could not be luck. Luck, if it does exist, is not consistent. Patterns are consistent, trends are consistent, facts are consistent. At the time I did not understand what it was but I think after the years I have a better understanding of what separated me from some of the rest. Check out my list of some of the factors I believe that contributed to me exceeding my expectations and increased my earning potential right out of college. If you can harness these characteristics I believe you can change your life and increase your earning potential as well.


Will is a word that is strongly understated and talked about. Will is essential to land anywhere on the spectrum of success. Will is so vital and important. It is literally the main ingredient to accomplishing anything in life. You must have a strong will to get through the tough times and the tough times are definitely going to come. If you will to go on, to continue, to reach your goal is strong enough. Opposition will not defeat you in the accomplishment of your goals. I had the sheer will to make ends meet and because of that I did, and then some.


Desire is extremely important. Your desire has to be greater than your fears. I like how Eric "E.T" Thomas put it "When you want it as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful". It's so true. Your desire has to be so strong that nothing will get in your way. Having a strong desire will have you looking for opportunity or creating opportunity if you can't find it. Desire will have you looking for solutions instead of focusing on your problems. Desire will not let you see anything but the obtainment of your dream, if it is strong enough. My desire to use the knowledge an skill set I had to find a job landed me the higher paying position even though it was not related to what I went to school for.


Passion is the fire that sets your soul on fire. Passion is that warm feeling you get in your heart when thinking about something that moves you. Passion is essential. Get passionate about making money, or whatever it is that you want. Get that fiery feeling in your heart about what it is you are trying to accomplish in life. Passion is the fuel that is going to propel you closer to making more money and living the life you always imagined or yourself.


Be determined. If one route does not work, make a detour, Do that several times. Do it again. Whatever you do. Do not give up.


I debate if this or Will is the main ingredient to prosperity or maybe the recipe of prosperity can not rise without either ingredient. Perhaps they are equally important. However attitude really does determine your latitude no matter how cliche it may sound. Attitude is going to determine where you land. Your attitude is shaped by your beliefs and if you do not have beliefs that serve you it is best you begin to reprogram your mind to have a set of beliefs that can give you an attitude for success.

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