• Yasmeen

City Chic Fit


I LOVE to be in a city like atmosphere. It doesn't matter what city, and every city is different and unique to itself. New York City is so different than the city of Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is so different from Queens, and the city of Queens is so different than the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Charlotte is so different than Dallas, Texas. I can go on and on about the difference in vibe, culture, and fashion. The food is different in each city from what is eaten to the way their food is cooked. It is so fun to experience new cities and seeing new faces. Seeing how other people live and what other people do. One thing that is for sure is, every city has a different style of dress. One example is that I can notice that in some places I can immediately feel overdressed and in some completely underdressed by the cultural style of that particular cities society. I think cultural mindset plays a huge part in the way that a particular cities society dresses. Usually a mentally laid back culture reflects a casual dress style amongst the people. A bolder cultural mentality usually reflects a more urban dress style. It is also interesting getting to know and converse with people of different cities because it tells a good tale about the reflection of the cities culture.

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