• Yasmeen

Ripped Jeans. Wearable or Tearable?

I LOVE ripped jeans. It is very interesting wearing them though. The reactions I receive from different people, especially the different generations or gender is study worthy. I am bound to get stares, compliments, sarcasm or a combination of the three. I never fail to hear "Did you atleast get a discount?" or "Did you get them for half price?" and "You know how that style originated right?". Ripped jeans have come a long way and still have a stigma combined with admiration to them. It is even more so interesting how they did come into fashionable fruition. I mean before they were a thing, who would think someone would actually pay for jeans that are ripped, right? I guess the masses can be duped into anything if it is deemed glamorous...right? I actually just love the grunge and rustic element ripped jeans bring into any outfit.

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