How to Change for the Better

"It's All About Change. Sometimes The Smallest Decisions Can Change Your Life Forever" - Jim rohn

Change for the better


How to Change for the Better!


Change starts with desire. Your desire to become a better person has to be greater than your desire to remain in the comfort of staying the same. Once you have a burning desire to become the person you truly want to be the next step is getting extremely clear on what it is EXACTLY that you want. It would be quite difficult to try and attain a desire you are vague and unclear on. Your results will be vague and unclear. Direction, focus, and intent is needed to succeed in changing for the better. Half steps will land you only half of the way.


One must not have conflicting beliefs and actions to change for the better. Any belief that does not fulfill, support, or align with the new idealization you have for yourself, you must get rid of it. Any action you might engage in that would contradict this new ideal you have for yourself must cease. For an example of contradicting beliefs and/or actions, suppose a woman wants to attract a happy healthy relationship with a man. She tries to change a few things about herself that needs some amendment to attract her desire but deep down she has a belief that men are infidelious, wicked, and of no good. If she does not change her perception of man she could never fulfill her desire of a happy healthy relationship as the kind of man who would permit such an ideal does not exist in her head.


Build a model of what you DO want in your head. Write it out in detail and be very descriptive about what you DO want. Creating change is the same exact concept that architects, painters, and inventors use to create their ideal. They build a model of their ideal in their mind, they envision it, and then craft a plan to execute their ideal. Changing your life for the better is no different. You must simulate a blueprint, gather materials for your model, experience trial and error, make adjustments here and there, and then before you know it, you have a model of what you envisioned built. Create the life you want, but you must make the changes necessary to become the person you want to be.


Study every chance you get on the subject of the patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and actions needed to change yourself into someone else, a better person. This is crucial and the only way to really ingrain yourself into the character you want to mold yourself into. Immerse yourself in the subject of what it is you desire to be. Live it, eat it, and breathe it. Literally become the change you seek. Find books on the subject, read plenty, and be sure to read them many times. Take notes and take action. Attend classes, workshops, study any sort of material that will give you insight on the change you seek.

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