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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Words are sounds we make to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We use words to interpret our expression of self. Words are not always effective elements of communication and execution depends solely on the transmitters level of effective communication. Some people are very poor communicators, and sometimes there are language barriers when it comes to communicating between people. Sometimes people are unable to communicate vocally.

I believe it is important to understand the power words have over life, where the words we speak stem from, and how they truly transmit the energy that creates the momentum for manifestation. The words stem from our thoughts, and our thoughts stem from our feelings. The words are an interpretation of our feelings, if the words being spoken are pure and honest. They have a powerful effect on every single aspect of our life. Words are literally energy, and words are everything. The words you choose to use and embrace, in any situation or circumstance can enhance or deconstruct.


Words can make you smile, laugh, cry, or become angry. They evoke so much emotion but its not because they are "just" words, they're more than just words. They are actual energy, and tha energy pierces through this atmosphere creating effects. Words are stimulated from our thoughts. Our thoughts have just as powerful effect as the spoken word. Our thoughts emit energy regardless if we verbally speak the words or not. One's thoughts can be heard and felt by others as well. Subconsciously we are picking up on the vibrations of others thoughts (feelings) all the time. That is the vibe or presence you get from another individual. You are literally reading and picking up on the energy (thoughts) they are emitting. Everyone has this ability and utilizes this innate sense even though most people are unaware and unable to articulate these inclinations they are receiving from others. Most likely because the messages they are receiving are nonverbal from others and most people are taught that communication solely comes from verbal, written, or hand communication efforts. Not true at all, in fact most communication is nonverbal. Most of our communication is translated through body language. Body language can speak volumes and is often speaking from the subconscious.

Music is a programming tool

Music moves and drives a person's mood. Why? because words have the power to affect your emotional state. Couple words with a fast, moderate, or slow vibrating tempo and voila you have music. The tempo of the vibrating sound can set the mood and arouse a range of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The unfortunate part of this is that people voluntarily listen to music that is detrimental to their mental and emotional health which dominos into other facets of their life. One thing people must understand is that, everything we subject ourselves to on a repetitive basis, will program our mind regardless of whether we realize the negative affects or not. Music is a perfect example of this. If one listens to negative music on a regular basis, they are programming themselves for a negative reality that reflects the music they indulge in. If one wants to change their reality, it would be best to indulge in music that supports the life you envision for yourself and music that is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

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