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Shifting Realities: Quantum Jumping

Shifting Realities: Quantum Jumping

Shifting into another reality is sometimes associated with quantum jumping. Quantum jumping is a technical term when particles transfer or disappear to other places. Everything is made up of energy, which can be seen as molecules, and the molecules can be seen broken down in to even smaller elements known as particles. Human beings are made up of the same elements as everything else in the universe. If the particles can transfer to other places, then so can we, since we are made up of particles. Generally, people are unaware of basic knowledge regarding the subject of quantum jumping so they do not know they have the ability to control their reality by shifting into another one, or that they already are shifting in to different realities.

It is possible that every possibility there is, already exist, One just has to tap into that existence to experience that reality, this is exactly what quantum jumping is. Which makes sense if you think about people whose lives have made a complete 180. If other realities did not exist and we could not tap into them. How do people transform their lives into complete opposites of what they are experiencing? Wouldn't their life stay the same forever?

People who have dramatic life stories of complete change are great examples of quantum jumping. They have literally jumped into another quantum of existence. They are no longer in the reality they were once experiencing. They have transformed into another reality whether they are conscious of how and why their life is different or not. Quantum jumping is done through the use of your mind and actions.

There are multiple dimensions (planes) that are in existence. As far as we know, Earth is in the third dimension. The third dimension is rather slow and takes time for things to appear or generate. Depending on the frequency a person is vibrating on that will determine the rate of manifestation of an desired or undesired event.

Low frequencies vibrate slow and higher frequencies vibrate faster. Whether a person may realize it or not they are always shifting into one reality or another, Typically a person is unaware or unconscious of the directions they are shifting. Most people blindly lead their lives ultimately ending up in undesirable situations, circumstances, and realities. However every single thought, focus of thought, emotion, decision and action, plays a vital role in the events that take place in ones life.

It is important to guide and direct the thoughts one entertains, as well as, the decisions and actions one takes.

It is hard to exactly account for, over months at a time, what was the causing factors of certain events in one's life. The human brain can not simply recount on demand for every single thought occured and every single action taken place that lead up to certain events. However that is usually the amount of time it takes for things to start to get set into motion, sometimes longer. It can take years for events to manifest. It can also only take days or even hours. Generally it takes some time for things to happen though especially the bigger the shift.

If you wonder what quantum jumping can be used for here are some ideas

  • Financial abundance and prosperity

  • Healthy relationships

  • Safety

  • Career success

  • Happy Family

If you want to experience quantum jumping - shifting into another reality, there are some steps you will have to take.

1. Get a clear picture about the reality you want to be in

I mean clear. Your picture must be vivid, exact, and detailed. Foggy, hazy, unclear, and mixed messages about what you want for yourself will get you exactly that.. Foggy, unclear, and mixed results.

2. Focus on the reality you want to be in

Maintain your focus on the reality you want to be in. Do not focus on incompatible things that do not align with your vision. Entertaining anything that collides with where you are trying to be will cause friction and setbacks on your path.

3. Align yourself with things that match the reality you want to be in

If you want to be a successful painter, try to intermingle with other painters and artist of your liking. Especially the ones who have attained the level of success you seek, or are getting close, or who have like-minded thinking and goals. Do not hang out with people who do not believe in the art of painting or feel it is not a worthy endeavor. Remember compatibility and focus are key parts in shifting into the reality you want to be in.

4. Visualize

Dream, visualize, entertain the thoughts of the person you want to be. Get consumed by the feeling of being the person you envision for yourself. Act as if you are already that person. See in your mind's eye the things you would be doing if you were that version of yourself. Become that person.

5. Meditate

Meditate on your thoughts and feelings. Really engage yourself and try to connect with this other reality. Reach deep down inside yourself and resonate with this reality that you seek. Meditate on this every single day.

You can use this information on quantum jumping to transform or destruct your life, it is all in how you use the information provided. Information and knowledge is only power if you put it to use in a constructive manner to build in a positive way. Now you have some basic information on what quantum jumping is and how you can apply some major shifts in your life.

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