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5 Steps to help you achieve success this year

Are you having trouble accomplishing your goals? Do you feel stuck and seem to be headed nowhere in life, or lose direction easily? There are some key principles you can use to help you achieve success in your life quicker. You can accelerate your journey to personal achievement and accumulate noticeable changes in a year or less. Read through this list of five steps that explain key elements that are vital in the attainment of personal growth and success in life.

1. Desire

For one to be successful at any endeavor an insatiable burning desire is the main prerequisite. An endless, burning desire is necessary to maintain persistence when detours and bumps in the road come about. Your intensity of desire can be measured by your passion. If you can sense you have a low level of passion about your goal, or your focus is easily swayed, changed, or lost.. you do not have a burning desire. Your mind must be made up, you must be determined, you must insist, and you must see no other option in the fulfilment of your vision.

2. Focus

Do not be fooled, swayed, mislead, or talked out of your goal by ANYONE. Not your parents, not your family, not your spouse, not your friends, not your teachers, not authority figures, not anyone. No one has the power, intellect, force, or ability to determine what is not possible for any other human being on the planet. Nothing is out of your realm unless YOU decide it so. People may intentionally, unintentionally, maliciously, or even innocently pollute your mind with the idea that you are not capable of something. The only person who has the deciding factor in your capabilities is you. Keep your focus steady and any outside factors irrelevant. Be absorbed, immersed, consumed, and indebted to your visions, goals, and desires that you lose sight of everything else.

3. Read

Read information in relation to your goals. Know everything about the subject. Become an expert. If your goal is to earn more money, read about people who have earned large amounts of money from having little or none. If your goal is to become a better sports player, read about the world's top athletes. See what they did to accomplish their success stories and model their behavior.

4. Get rid of dead weight

Eliminate the naysayers out of your life. Discard them from your circle, your conversations, and your thoughts. Instead surround yourself around people who are where you want to be, or people who align with your higher vision of yourself. People who have the same or similar goals. You can not have a goal of becoming a millionaire and hang around people who have the mentality that there is not enough money, People who believe being a millionaire is a chance kind of thing and financial abundance only happens to 'lucky' people. These type of people do not align with your mind frame and are detrimental to your advancement towards success. If environment is more influential than genetics (Scientifically proven) then conflicting beliefs within your environment will not influence success.

5. Do something everyday

Do at least one activity a day that pertains to your goal. All journeys start with a single step and small steps are still steps in the right direction. Ideas are worthless unless we act on them - Earl Nightingale. Little actions accumulate to a job well done. Small brush strokes create big beautiful paintings. So start now, start anywhere, start somewhere, but do start Start and do something towards your goal everyday. You will be at the finish line before you know it.

So what are your going to set out to achieve this year? write your goal in a comment below!

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