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Pain: Why You are Having a Rough Life

There are some of us that wonder why bad things happen to good people. We wonder

why bad things happen to ourselves, why we are having a rough patch in life, why were having a bad day or why we have experienced so much pain and trauma in life. Things like divorces, bad car accidents, large amounts of stolen money, deaths in the family, loss of a job, loss of a home, homelessness, hunger, failed business', debt, failed relationships, or simply no direction in life. I've written this article to help those who have questions about life and are seeking some type of guidance in the direction of shedding light on life's funny way of culturing us.

When Something bad happens you have three choices.

1. You can let it define you

2. You can let it defeat you

3. You can let it strengthen you

There is an intelligence in this universe that has the ability to compute, strategize, and sequence things so far out and is organizing circumstances, events, and people in a way that will align with your beliefs and level of consciousness to form your reality. However, humans have a limited perception in the sense we can only compute things to a certain degree. In other words, humans generally can only understands life a few steps ahead at a time. Due to this, we lack understanding as to why certain events, tragedies, misfortunes, and hard times fall upon us. However, The intelligence of this universe understands what you need to go through to formulate strength and build a certain type of character. (Because of Free Will the character you formulate in life is up to you, and lies in your subconscious mind.) To simply put things...life is preparing you for the things you have been asking for. Good or bad things. Consciously or unconsciously, but whatever you decide in life, it will be granted. Pressure creates diamonds. What does not defeat you, makes you stronger. It builds the character needed to become the person you have asked to become. Pain builds muscle, whether that is physical muscles, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. Without pain we could not grow. Pain is essential in the development of any endeavor you seek.

"If it wasn't for rain, we wouldn't appreciate the sun."

- unknown

Pain is only weakness leaving the body. Once you overcome an obstacle, it will never be able to break you.

If you ponder back on your life, everything you have went through has made you who you are. It is now that you can look back and understand why that one thing that happened, paved the way for another thing to happen. To us it seems like life is working in a funny or mysterious way, but it is simply that we do not have the intellectual ability to understand what is the purpose of the storm while were in it, it is only until the flowers bloom then we realize, we needed that water. Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team, he cried and was deeply affected by this traumatic event. However it strengthened him to be exactly who he wanted to be.. one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. The pain fueled his ambition to try harder and look for one way or another to achieve his goal. In order for him to become who he asked to be, he had to turn his pain into triumph. That is what pain is, a seed for growth, a layer of weakness to shed, a shell of armor to form.

Growth is painful

Change is discomforting

Neither is easy, but they are both worth it.

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