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FORM   &    S P A C E 

Every space has value and purpose. Function and formality. A space is an exact reflection of something. It can be a mood, tone, or nature. The design of a space will dictate the nature of its environment. If a space is negative in vibration you can guarantee a negative feeling environment. If a space is positive it will have positive vibrations and feelings. Colors, furniture, objects, and decorations all play a vital role in the make-up of the mood, setting, or tone of a space. That is why I love design, you can literally make any space what you desire to. If you want a dungeon or castle, a hospital to heal or a shelter to save others with vibrant warm colors and decorations, the choice is yours. 

When it comes to designing I like to have a little fun and make designs for kitchens and bathrooms. I draw them using computer programs like Sketchup or 2020 technologies for example. I also love to draw. Drawing has always been a passion of mine and making designs come to life on paper is always a fun past time. Call me a little cliche or a bit of a wave rider, but I love white kitchens and bathrooms. Not only is it trendy but its also classic! how can you go wrong? White will always be classic and neutral. You can always add color to a white kitchen but you can not take color away from green or red kitchen. Or perhaps a pastel blue bathroom from the 80's. I think that is the beauty of the use of white materials in a space. They are stunning and timeless. 

Mood Board

Mood Board

The Art of Rendering

Rendering an interior drawing is fun because it brings life into a setting. It gives you a visual of what could be. Its also amazing to look at like any other piece of art work. I like to use markers in combination with gauche paint. Sometimes I even incorporate colored pencils into my renderings. Techniques are usually what makes a rendering spectacular, and there is so many tricks and techniques out there to really improve the overall look, presentation and realistic appearance of a rendering. 

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