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My blog is for the young, gifted, and intellectually inclined of today. I am just an artistic, socially awkward, free thinker who wants to connect, share ideas, and content with like minded individuals. My post relate to anything from interior design inspiration, recipes, cooking, political controversy, metaphysics, art, hidden and forbidden knowledge, religion analysis, sex, dating, friendship architecture, fashion, style, and whatever else I feel may be interesting to share. Subscribe to my blog to follow me and get notified of new post! 

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I'm a design fanatic. I love anything and everything to do with design. Whether it is design of clothing, shoes, bags, homes, restaurants, buildings, cities, travel systems, furniture, decor, or events, even, cakes.. you name it, I probably love it. I just love intelligent design. It fascinates me how different levels of intelligence and awareness can create such intricate systems with efficiency that derives from a simple thought into actual creation and existence. It is mind boggling and leads to my admiration of human potential and capability. It is amazing how one can take literally nothing and make something so incredible, so life altering, or even solve age old problems. All from a simple concept of thought, plan, action and execution. My favorite designer of all time is Jacque Fresco. He is a master and genius when it comes to intelligent design and creating. In fact, a lot of his concepts are being brought about into existence today. He created designs of efficient economies, cities, travel ways, automated and accident free forms of transportation, agricultural systems which are starvation free, and human labor-less societies. Head to the interior design section for more on design.


Jacque Fresco enviromental engineer

Jacque Fresco