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My blog is for the young, gifted, and intellectually inclined of today. I am just an artistic, socially awkward, free thinker who wants to connect, share ideas, and content with like minded individuals.

My blog is designed to help inspire those who would like to pursue a life they know they deserve to be living but do not know how. I am a firm believer in spirituality and manifesting desires in life.

I am currently a psychology student on a quest to understand, elevate, and empower others to be the best version of themselves with the use of their mind. 

I personally love topics such as Law of Attraction, metaphysics, art, hidden and forbidden knowledge, religion analysis, sex, dating, friendship, architecture, fashion, and style. I study these subjects to gain a better understanding in life, to apply proven principles, and methods, in order to live a life geared for success.

My goal with this blog is to awaken the true power and potential that lives inside all of us and to motivate others to have the courage to believe that you deserve to live your dream life and embark on the journey of personal development. Goal setting is important and I hope to inspire others to learn and master the art. 

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