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Success happens when your dreams get bigger than your excuses


I believe the foundation to success is knowing YOUR definition of what success is.The first step in being successful is having a definitive and complete understanding of what success means to you, and exactly what kind of accomplishments would categorize you as a successful person. Knowing what you want is vital in achieving staggering results. I think a lot of people use success as a buzz word, but they do not truly understand what it is exactly that they want out of life. Personal development in life can be achieved by ANYONE regardless of circumstance. Knowing what you want from life allows you to set clear goals, and attract the life you deserve through focus, determination, goal setting, working smart, and consistency. Hopefully my website can provide some inspiration and help you to realize your goals. 

"So Decide now, what is it you want? a bigger house? more money? plant that seed, care for it, work steadily towards it."

- Earl Nightingale 



           ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD 

Whatever you tend to hold in your mind will occur in life. if you continue to believe what you have always believed. You will continue to act as you have always acted. You will always get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life, all you have to do is change your mind.



Belief is so important. None of your goals or desires can ever manifest in life if you do not believe that they ever could, really, actually exist.  In fact, you technically couldn't even categorize your desires as goals, they would simply be wishes. Goals are backed by the belief and faith, that one day your wants and desires will come to realization. Wishes are backed by nothing but chance. You may not have a lot of faith in yourself but you CAN develop your beliefs. You already have an entire set of beliefs that make up your life. Your beliefs are either helping or hurting you. The good news do have a choice in what to believe in. Since I do have the choice of what to believe in life,I like to choose beliefs that serve me. I like to choose beliefs that help me to become the best version of myself. Beliefs that are essential to the accomplishment of my goals. I will give you an example; I used to have a deep rooted inner belief that being a brown woman I could not be financially abundant. One of my goals was to be financially abundant. Seeing that my belief clashed/conflicted with my goal I chose to believe something that better suited the achievement  of my goal. I deleted my old belief and chose to believe brown women are financially abundant and successful. Now I know you are wondering where, why, and how did that original belief of myself develop?  The same way all beliefs develop. Typically from environment and circumstance as a child. We all have beliefs that are surfaced, deep rooted, and buried. It is up to ourselves to let go of the ones we are aware of that hold us back, but also dig up the ones that are not so easy to see. Its so important because if there are any beliefs you have that are incompatible with your goals, those negative, limiting beliefs will hinder your success. 


 Your thoughts are the building blocks to the life you desire. Your thoughts must be in alignment with what you want to achieve in life. All of your thoughts. Conflicting thoughts that do not align with your goals and thoughts that are not compatible with your version of success will limit your accomplishments and create a man-made barrier between you and the street your trying to cross. Your thoughts are important to reaching success because thoughts have magnetic power and they are the seeds that will make your plans grow into existence. Thoughts are what attracts success into your life. Of course your thoughts have to be combined with effort, and execution but they are the building blocks. Its the first step and one of the (if not thee) most vital. Read my blog post The Power of Thought for more on thoughts, thinking, and mindset.


Let go of fear. Fear is damaging to human potential as it only holds you back from your true capabilities as a human being.  Human potential is unlimited and there is not a cap on the things you can create or accomplish.  Fear can come from within or it could come from outside sources.  Friends (so-called), family members, co-workers, authority figures, teachers, parents etc. may intentionally or mistakenly place their fears upon you. Learn to take constructive criticism but, do understand the difference of someone putting you down, or trying to hold you back. Where ever the fear comes from let it go. It is not beneficial to  achieving success. Not everyone is able to see your vision and confuse their insecurities and limitations with what others. Everyone is different and just because everyone in your current social circle advises you to graduate college and seek work from an reputable employer does not mean you are incapable of being self-employed or that you should not consider a different route, if its what you truly desire. 

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